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Pellet boilers PELLETRON

Combined pellet boiler and solid fuel.Three-pass hot water pellet boiler and solid fuel Pelletron, powers 25-50kW, is made for burning pellets and solid fuel(coal, wood, large wood waste) and heating of individual houses.

Operating regime of the boiler is 90/70[C], at a working pressure to 2,5[bar].

Boiler is made of quality boiler steel, connecting the elements of the boiler in subassemblys and  and assembly, the process of welding electrode.

The boiler co

ntains all the necessary connections to connect to the installation and regulation of the combustion process(port to the water supply to the boiler, port to drain water from the boiler, port of discharge, shore draft regulator, port safety valve).

Essential element, in using wood pellets as fuel, is tank for pellet volume around 140[kg], which is connected tor burner, and from the burner to the boiler. Tank is an independent unit and not part of the standard equipment.

Pellet combustion is performed after instalation of pellet burner on lower door, that connects with tank. the entire combustion process control automation appropriate.

Stoking the boiler with solid fuel is provided by the upper door, in that case control of the combustion process is carried out draft regulator(draft regulator is not part of the standard equipment).

Boiler body is corrosion protected with a special coating, thermal insulation mineral wool which is located in the hull of the coated sheet.pelletron tablicaCertifikat-CE-za-PELLETRON-738x1024