Hot Water solid fuel boiler STAR

Combined steel  hot water boiler solid fuel STAR, powers 120-550 [kW], is designed for combustion of solid fuels (coal, wood, coarse wood waste), pellet, liquid and gaseous fuels.

Boiler STAR is designed for all heating systems, both individually and in small industrial facilities. Operation of the boiler is in the system 90/70 [° C] at a working pressure of up to 3 [bar].

The boiler contains all the necessary ports for connecting to the installation and adjustment of the combustion process (connection to the water supply to the boiler, access to drain water from the boiler drain connection, access control airflow).

Process control of combustion in solid fuel boilers, does the regulator draft and  there is a connection on boiler in which the regulator is mounted. Regulator draft is not part of the standard equipment.

Firing boiler with solid fuel,will be done through the middle door. If it is used as fuel pellets, liquid or gaseous fuel burner is placed on the middle door, which are structurally configured to have an opening for mounting a suitable burner.

Boilers STAR body is protected by a special anti-corrosive paint, insulated with mineral wool, which is located in the hull of the plastic sheet.

Picture2Certifikat Ce za STARGOST R (STAR,STAR KBM,STAR S)



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