Steel Chimneys

Steel chimneys

When you light a fire in the furnace, radiator, heated air inside it flows through the heater and out through the flue in the chimney, where it heats the air inside the chimney, becoming rarer than the outside air, and thus begins to rise. As the warm air rises cold air from the room flows into the combustion chamber and kindles fire, creating more heat. In this cycle occur and the pressure difference.

When the chimney is filled with hot air, he,, pulls’ air through the furnace. This effect is called draft and it is very important for the proper functioning of the heater.
The most common reasons for poor chimney draft are:

irregular structures that disturbs Physics chimney
the effect of wind
dirty chimney cap

The chimney is made of steel, from multiple segments, the segments are joined together by welding or flanged connections. At the top of the chimney is placed chimney cap.

The chimney is supplied anchor plates with anchors. The obligation of the buyer, in consultation with the manufacturer and qualified person, do the foundation of the chimney. The chimney is protected from corrosion basic paint.

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