Seasonal tank for crude oil

Seasonal tank for crude oil 2-100m3. Seasonal tank for crude oil is used for storage of the crude oil or other heavy liquid fuel, necessary for smooth the operation of  heavy liquid fuel boilers during a heating season.

The tank is made of steel, like a closed cylindrical horizontal vessel. It is designed for installation in the ground. Tank have floor heater and combined savings heater. Savings heater consist hot water heater (made of steel seamless pipes) and electric heaters. Electric heaters are used in the beginning of the heating in order to heat up the fuel oil to a temperature sufficient that when its density is maintained, and the heat from the hot water heater. Through the hot water heater can stream hot water or steam.

The tank is externally corrosion protected waterproofing.

Tablica sezonski

The Legend:

1.Inspection opening                                                                                      7.Drain fuel

2. Overflow pipe                                                                                              8.Electric heater

3. Supply of heating fluid DN1                                                                     9.Emptying DN3

4.Supply of heating fluid DN2                                                                    10.Fuel supply

5. Supply of heating fluid in savings heater                                             11.Connector for measuring R6 / 4 „

6. Drain fluid from the heating savings heater                                       12.Ventilation connection 6/4 „skica sezonski






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