Low-pressure steam boiler

Low pressure steam boiler for liquid or gaseous fuel NP Eko
Eko NP block the steam boiler liquid and gas fuel designed for smaller technological consumers who used saturated vapor pressure of 0.5 bar. The boiler is filled with water from the municipal water supply system, which was previously prepared in the unit for water softening. The boiler is designed as a three-pass boiler with an enclosed flame tube in which the first and second draft and the third draft in the pipe bundle from which the flue gases formed by burning fuel through the chimney and chimney drains into the atmosphere.
The door design is such that it allows easy installation of fan burners that are currently present on the market.Combustion in the boiler regulates automation, which is supplied with the boiler in accordance with the appropriate burner. The boiler is equipped with all the necessary connections (for level control, water inlet and outlet pressure, safety valve, drain connection, and on the front of the connector manometer, work and safety pressure switch).
Eko NP is made ​​of of quality boiler plate and boiler tubes. supplied with stainless steel baffle (increase efficiency), insulation and capes.






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