Hot Water Solid fuel Boiler STAR KR

Combined solid fuel boiler and electric energy, STAR KR is designed for heating individual facilities. Powers 30-80kW.

The boiler is designed for central, radiator and heater heating. Operating regime of the boiler is 90/70[C], at a working pressure to 2,5[bar].

Firebox is made of high quality boiler stell, sheet thickness 5[mm], while depleting the boiler made of steel thickness 4[mm].

The boiler contains all the necessary connections to connect to the installation and regulation of the combustion process(port to the water supply to the boiler, port to drain water from the boiler, port of discharge, shore draft regulator).

Burning process control in solid fuel boilers is carried out with draft regulator, and there is a port on boiler on witch controller is instaling(not part of standard equipment).

Stoking the boiler with solid fuel, is provided by the upper door witch are made with a slope.

If it use electric energy as fuel, electric heaters are mounting to boiler and we deliver automation witch controls process of heating water in the boiler(electric heaters and automation are not part of standard equipment).

Boiler body is corrosion protected with a special coating, thermal insulation mineral wool which is located in the hull of the coated sheet.

Picture1GOST R  (EKR)





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