Combined solid fuel and pellet boiler STAR KBM+

Hot water combined solid fuel boiler and pellet boiler Star KBM+,in power range 15-80kw, is made for burning pellets and solid fuel(coal, wood, large wood waste) ,minimum inferior calorific value Hd=16.000[kJ/kg]. Because of construction of a boiler, you could make transition from solid fuel to pelet, and reverse, very easy and fast, without removing the burner.

The boiler is designed for central, radiator and heater heating. Operating regime of the boiler is 90/70[C], at a working pressure to 2,5[bar].

The boiler contains all the necessary connections to connect to the installation and regulation of the combustion process(port to the water supply to the boiler, port to drain water from the boiler, port of discharge, shore draft regulator).

Stoking the boiler with solid fuel, is provided by the upper door witch are made with a slope and in width of firebox which makes it easier manipulation with fuel and the use of larger fuels and biomass. If it is used with pellets as fuel, pellet burner is placed on the lower door which are constructed to have a hole for mounting the burner.


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